Adèle Salaün Meuriot (1996, Paris) lives and works in Paris. A graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon in 2020, she is the recipient of the production grant "Jeunes sortis d'écoles" from CNC (Paris, 2021) and the 'Bourse Horizon' from Artagon (Marseille, 2021). Her work has been exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Villeurbanne, 2021), Espace Voltaire (Paris, 2022). In November 2023, she will present a duo exhibition with Joséphine Chauchat at the Crous Gallery in Paris.
Adèle Salaün Meuriot's practice primarily unfolds through the medium of painting. She develops imaginaries inspired by fictional films in which the performance of bodies is at stake. Her close ones are staged in a space she theatricalizes before turning them into full-fledged creatures through the work of oil painting. She represents light that makes her characters waver from one world to another, moving from the fantastic to the ordinary of intimate scenes. Paying particular attention to details such as drops of water or sweat, a sense of sensuality emerges from her compositions. In 2019, Adèle studied Safavid art in Iran, refining her mastery of transparency and reflection in painting.

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