Azize Ferizi (born 1996 in Fribourg) is a Swiss-Kosovan artist. She lives and works between Geneva and Paris. She graduated from HEAD, Geneva. Azize Ferizi has immersed herself into painting, skillfully expressing profound ideas and concepts through vivid imagery, effectively utilizing them as a form of language or discourse. Her artistic focus centers on the meticulous depiction of figurative bodies, often placed within constrained frames or poses, with a predominant emphasis on feminine forms. Continually contemplating questions of size and format as potent physical forces, she adeptly represents bodies that occasionally find themselves awkwardly imposed in the social space, predestining their roles in harmony with the canvas itself.

Azize Ferizi's recent solo presentations include Redemption request I, Ilenia London (2024) ; Changing Rooms, Lovay Fine Arts (2023) ; Basel Social Club, Cherish (2023) ; SIS IS HARDCORE, Cherish, Geneva (2020). Recent group shows include “Living in a Magazine World”, 032c, Paris (2023) ; Meet Me Halfway, LiveInYourHead, Geneva (2022) ; Chemical X, Cherish, Geneva (2022) ; Nour El Ain, Karma International, Zürich (2021) ; Lemaniana, Reflection on Other Scenes, Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, Geneva (2021) ; Weaving Home, Limbo, Geneva (2020) ; Nouveaux Sacrés, Voiture 14, Marseille (2019). Azize Ferizi is the laureate of the Kiefer Hablitzel Göhner Art Prize (2022) ; The Theodore Stravinsky Prize (2021) ; Ducastel Prize (2020).

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