Lisa Signorini (born 1989) lives and works between Paris and New York. Signorini’s characters struggle within these exchanges in her drawings as in her life. Her work is always caught up by an adolescence that was never left behind, and an amorous and erotic voracity that recounts the mythological adventures of sexy creatures in parallel worlds, existing between baroque, witchcraft, video games and social networks. Throughout, bodies seduce, approach and eat each other in a cannibalism of emotions. She recently presented her work in several international art fairs such as NADA Miami with Exo Exo or Athena Art fair with Soft Opening in 2019 as well as at the Fisher Parrish Gallery in New York in 2018. The EA Gallery (Tbilisi, Georgia) presented her solo show « And life will have been tasteful » curated by Julia Marchand in 2019.

w/ Exo Exo La vie c'est bizarre, je le vois sur mes ami.e.s | You are a burning house I want to live in | Piégé.e.s inextricablement dans la formulation d'une émotion

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