Ash Love (born in 1996 in Bordeaux) graduated from HEAD Geneva in 2021. They currently live and work between Paris, Geneva, and Sofia. Ash Love's work revolves around themes of intimacy and relationships between individuals, explored through storytelling, language, and new modes of communication. It unfolds on the surface of a black canvas, simulating smartphone screens, where interactions, personal narratives, and thoughts take shape. Multiple layers of interpretation coexist within each image. The symbols used are simultaneously universal, evocative, and highly personal to each individual. It is up to the viewers to decipher them based on their own frame of reference and sensitivity. Ash Love's work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Continuum, Bordeaux; Prenzlauer Studio, Berlin, and group exhibitions at the 66th Salon de Montrouge; Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen; CAPC, Bordeaux. The artist is part of several public collections such as Fonds d'art contemporain - Paris Collections ; Musée CAPC Bordeaux ; Collection Ville de Montrouge.

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